How It Works

Find the Perfect place: Search properties in your preferred destination by travel dates and browse by availability.

View the Details: You can view each rental details and check out photos, amenities and availability.

Read the Reviews: Take a quick look at each property review, there you can find real reviews from real guests.

Make a Reservation: When you have found the perfect place. Book it using your credit card information. When you have received conformation (within 24 hours) you will receive all contact information, full address of the property and any other information needed to enjoy your stay.

Pay with your Credit Card: When you make a Reservation you will be asked for your credit card details, that's just to confirm your booking and you will not be charged until the reservation has been accepted.

Safe Payments: When you pay through the website you pay by credit card, that way we can protect you against potential frauds.

Check In Get the keys: Most rentals use either a lock box or keep keys at a central property management office. Make sure you know where to receive the keys upon your arrival.

Discover the area: Plan ahead by doing some research on your destination before the trip.

Leave a Review: When your trip is over be sure to post a review to share your experiences for future guests.